Social photos taken by the artists (in VRChat) on the opening night's gallery tour (30/10/21).
Circle Series: The Necromancer (Halloween Remix) | ReVerse Butcher
Circle Series: The Queen of Hell (Halloween Remix) | ReVerse Butcher
Tarot Card World: Inside the Death Card | Grrlrighter
'Tarot Card World' | Grrlrighter
'Tarot Card World: Inside The Hanged Man Card' | Grrlrighter
'Ghoulish Garden' | Willowmoon Art
'Artcrypt VR Hub World' | ZandyXR
Original Soundtracks for ReVerse Butcher's two feat. artworks:
 'The Necromancer' |  Chris Wenn
'The Queen of Hell' | Chris Wenn & Shallow.

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