You From Stars


You From Stars

(For my daughter)

"Only to think of you, falling from your name for sky
in this astonishing vessel !
Press release, my darling,
and do not sorrow. Do not once sorrow.
If you will think of me, think only of these years
I held your unfailing present in my empty hands."

— Lisa Gorton, from "Press Release".

do you remember
when we met

you from stars
I from earth

what did you feel
when you took
your first breath

I was breathing
and waiting
waiting for
a long time

you from stars
I from earth

were you surprised
by my silent welcome
that I whispered
holding you
so close

did you listen
to my heart
now forever
now only
only for you

you from stars
I from earth

since then
restlessness of time
almost separated us

but I will never
nonever forget
our closeness
our connection

you from stars
I from earth.

and even if
you travel countless
light years
I will always find
find my way back
back to you

you will always be
my home
my beginning
my end
and together
we will find
we will share—

you from stars
I from earth

Kylie Supski


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