Graffiti Walls (The 2016 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize)

Graffiti Walls.

Ruins of Graffiti Walls, like
paleolithic cave paintings,
a desperate reminder
of a vanishing act
in a blink of an eye.

A visiting explorer
digs under the silence—
of humanity,
turns the fading pages
of culture and art,
looking for a missing piece
to solve the puzzle,
at what point did we forget
that our Universe—
was a fragile hologram
balanced by the perpetual
thoughtfulness of nature.

Centuries after centuries
we have celebrated
new ages of enlightenment,
hoping for a golden age
of liberation and equality.
But, what followed was—
wars and more wars.
Under the rules
of Western Culture
nations perished,
whole civilizations
descended into darkness.

Sometime at the dawn
of The Final Millennium,
our culture was substituted
for a convenient marriage
of technology and art,
that gave birth—
to entertainment channels,
and educational procedures,
based on outcomes and profit
instead of knowledge.

In the name of growth
we killed our curiosity
to question the unknown.
We replaced our ability
to reason with AI,
and the binary code
started to think for us.

Laws of technological gravity
accelerated and concluded—
our act of disappearance.

The disappointed explorer—
collected artifacts,
a missing piece,
a glitch in a memory core,
a broken umbilical cord,
the coordinates of nature,
and resets
the evolutionary clock.

Another iteration—
is in progress...

Kylie Supski, November 2016, Melbourne


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