My Mother's Smile (Video Poem)


My Mother's Smile

it was our mother
our mother nature
she created all the
goddesses and gods

it was our mother
our mother nature
she created all of us

man took nature
into his hands
and said
from now on
you will only
only have one
and there was
religion and

and then man
gave birth to
industrial revolution
global warming
"free" internet
and AI

and we all
started to dream
in zeros and ones

we no longer
look into the stars
we look into our
mobiles screens

at Facebook
Twitter and Instagram
trying to find
what is so obviously
in front of us

I hope that one day
we will wake up
from this
digital dream
and look into
each other’s eyes

and remember
remember all our
goddesses and gods

remember Venus
and Aphrodite

remember how to

remember that nature
is not binary
she does not think
in zeroes and ones

I hope the one day
we will remember again
the taste of earth
and remember
our birth

I still remember
my mother's
first smile


Kylie Supski, 2019, Melbourne

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