Electric Cathedral | New Project Announcement

Electric Cathedral | New Collaborative Choral Setting/VR/Digital Art/Poetry performance work for flexible delivery | ReVerse Butcher, Kevin Marsh & Kylie Supski
ReVerse Butcher & Kylie Supski have joined forces with composer Kevin Marsh to work on 'Electric Cathedral', a new Choral Setting that explores flexible performance deliveries including traditional arts venues (in a post-Covid 19 world), Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.
It's currently a work in progress, having started negotiations in Feb 2020.
ReVerse Butcher & Kylie Supski will be co-writing the poetry text to be performed with music by Kevin Marsh.
ReVerse Butcher will also be providing the digital, traditional and VR/AR art to accompany the versatile and adaptable performances. She'll be expanding on her traditional art skills and using a large array of bleeding edge technology and software including but not limited to: Tilt Brush (Google), Adobe Dimension, Aero, Premiere, Photoshop, and the Adobe Substance Suite. 
Here's a sneak peak at some very early concept artworks. Stay tuned!

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