Incomplete Infinities | 6/7/8 Dec 2019

Incomplete Infinities | Live Performance with Spatial Sound, Poetry & Tilt Brush Visual Projections | ReVerse Butcher, Kylie Supski & Roger Alsop

A three event live show featuring the bold & original poetic works of Kylie Supski, an experimental 8 channel sound composition by Roger Alsop, and psychedelic visual projections made in Tilt Brush/VR by ReVerse Butcher. 

Please note that Incomplete Infinities is an event can be reproduced live again for festivals & performances, and a film version of flexible duration (up to 1hr) can be delivered for film festivals. For more information, contact ReVerse Butcher.

There are 3 teaser video trailers:

Special thanks to the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in the Nicholas Building in Melbourne for being such a gracious and supportive host to our event. 


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