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Electric Cathedral | New Project Announcement

Electric Cathedral | New Collaborative Choral Setting/VR/Digital Art/Poetry performance work for flexible delivery | ReVerse Butcher, Kevin Marsh & Kylie Supski ReVerse Butcher & Kylie Supski have joined forces with composer Kevin Marsh to work on 'Electric Cathedral', a new Choral Setting that explores flexible performance deliveries including traditional arts venues (in a post-Covid 19 world), Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. It's currently a work in progress, having started negotiations in Feb 2020. ReVerse Butcher & Kylie Supski will be co-writing the poetry text to be performed with music by Kevin Marsh. ReVerse Butcher will also be providing the digital, traditional and VR/AR art to accompany the versatile and adaptable performances. She'll be expanding on her traditional art skills and...

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Graphic Scores & Sound Maps

Why should music have to stick to the same kind of notation that it has been written in for centuries? Why not make music look as it feels? Why those ascending lines and linked dots? After all, John Cage and Brian Eno started it. For works that have not yet been played or heard, the notations are called Graphic Scores and are designed to be sight-read and played by a musician. For transcription or re-interpretation of works that the illustrator (rVb) is hearing and converting to an image, these works are called Sound Maps.   Hear The Lake Millions PLAY this score live!

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