The First 'On The Rod, An Artists Book' BOOK REVIEW is In!

Eliana Gray reviewed 'On The Rod, An Artist's Book' for Girls On Key. Read what she has to say!

"The respect I have for the ideological underpinning of this book is enough to make me want to rain copies of it from rooftops and stand outside libraries shaking pages in the faces of passersby. But more so than that - the work is beautiful.

The paintings and collages are arresting; the verse clever, subversive and impeccably placed. On The Rod stands out not only as a wonderfully transformative critique of the original work; but as an impressive artwork that is just as engaging on a visual level as it is on a cerebral deep-dive. Each page is both its own artwork and a part of a cohesive, cartwheeling narrative delivered with more of the stream-of-consciousness dream-state that was beloved in the original."

Read the full review here!


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