The On The Rod (Melbourne) eBook Launch was a huge success!

Very humble and sincere thanks to everyone who turned up to the book launch . I am totally overwhelmed with warm and fuzzies. To the performers (and especially Chris Wenn who wrangled our tech AND performed; and to Kylie Supski who MC-ed AND performed), thank you - you've made the launch an evening I'll never forget. To those who have supported the project while I was making it... and afterwards, and tonight (!) - thank you, thank you, thank you. And to Hares & Hyenas, Rowland and Crusader - a very special thank you.

Here are a few photos & a short video for those who couldn't attend. 

Don't forget you can get your copy of the eBook in .pdf form here, or in .ePub form here. :)

Casey Jenkins (+1) Launching 'On The Rod, An Artists Book' by ReVerse Butcher

ReVerse Butcher performing live at the 'On The Rod, An Artists Book' launch 2018




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