ReVerse Butcher (rVb) is a VR/AR/XR artist & poet. She makes virtual sculptures, films, music, performances, collages, unique artist’s books, & immersive experiences. rVb makes bold & experiential artworks that think & behave like interventions. Through creativity, rVb explores the complexity & necessity of existing across multiple worlds. 
rVb has a fixation with the surreal & absurd, creating artworks that shock, confuse & entertain, while encouraging introspection. rVb’s multidimensional creations & immersive experiences intentionally bend the nature of text & space. 
rVb is deeply concerned with crossing digital & traditional boundaries, both technically & philosophically. She is obsessed with creating art & poetry from an angle that is usually unreachable & unsustainable in waking life.
In using VR as a fine artist, rVb is occupying the space between the classical & the future-facing; glitching the intangible/physical into being by pushing light & code around with her hands. As a Queer & Female artist, she is very focussed on disrupting the established patriarchal power dynamic between the seer & the seen. She wants audiences to question what it means to be embodied; what it means to be in a position to define what ‘reality’ is (& it is always about what is included & what is excluded); to celebrate diverse representations; & to experience bleeding-edge artforms within the creative continuum of fine art. 
rVb’s VR artworks have won the ‘Best in Digital Art/NFTs’ award at the QLD XR Festival 2021-2022. Her virtual sculpture/AR cinematic “Circle Series: Feminine with Vacant Grasp” was included in the OSHI Gallery x Fed Square “20 Years of Culture” exhibition in Oct 2022. Her illustration was featured in the Australian Open’s first NFT project, ‘AO | Artball’ in Feb 2022. Her film ‘The Kaleidoscopic Erasures VR Art Gallery Guided Tour’, a 30 min documentary on VISPO (visual poetry), was shot entirely in a custom made VR art environment, & screened in Brisbane, Australia at the QLD XR Festival, & also in Athens, Greece at the 10th International Video Poetry Festival in 2022. Her book of VISPO, ‘Kaleidoscopic Erasures’ was published by Steel Incisors (UK) in 2022. Her film ‘The Virtual Circle’, featuring 6 Virtual Sculptures handmade in VR, presented in Augmented Reality, & shot entirely on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, won the SF360 Best Film award at the SF3 Smart Fone Flick Fest in Sydney 2022, & was also part of the Official Selection in Italy’s MiMo: Milano Mobile Film Festival, 2022.  
With an experimental & interdisciplinary approach, rVb has brought poetry & art to a wide range of places. Spanning across performances, films, metaverses, immersive VR galleries & VR Art raves, AR installations, books, theatrical productions, VTubes, Twitch Streams, Twitter Spaces, operas, open mics, visual projections, music, & even customized musical instruments. rVb will use any medium necessary or available to engage & subvert reality until it is less dull & oppressive. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.
Kylie Supski & ReVerse Butcher are a married creative duo who work across poetry, performance, theater, VR/AR/XR, video, virtual sculptures, immersive experiences, & photography.
Their videopoem "To Stop Time" won the "Best in Melbourne" prize at the Australian XR Festival 2023. Videopoems ‘There are Some Things Only the Moon has Seen’ feat. in UK’s Burning House Press, National Poetry Month Canada, & QLD Poetry’s Panacea Poets., 'A Window’ was a finalist in QLD Poetry’s Video+Poetry Challenge 2020.
Kylie Supski won the 2016 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize.
Through 2021-2023, ReVerse Butcher won the Best in Digital Art prize at the QLD XR Festival. She also won the 2022 SF360 Best Film award at the SF3 Film Festival, Sydney.

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