ReVerse Butcher (rVb) is a VR/AR/XR artist & poet. She makes virtual sculptures, films, music, performances, collages, unique artist’s books, & NFTs. rVb makes bold & experiential artworks that think & behave like interventions. Through creativity, rVb explores the complexity & necessity of existing across multiple worlds. She has a fixation with the surreal & absurd, creating artworks that shock, confuse & entertain, while encouraging introspection. rVb’s multidimensional creations & immersive experiences intentionally bend the nature of text & space. She is deeply concerned with crossing digital & traditional boundaries, both technically & philosophically. She is obsessed with creating art & poetry from an angle that is usually unreachable & unsustainable in waking life. rVb will use any medium necessary or available to engage & subvert reality until it is less dull & oppressive. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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