CV | ReVerse Butcher



ReVerse Butcher (b. 1983, also known as rVb)

Lives in Melbourne, Australia, works internationally. |  




2020 | POET, VR, DIGITAL & VIDEO ARTIST | Electric Cathedral | collaborative experimental choral setting designed for flexible performance deliveries with traditional stage settings, VR & AR options. Composer is Kevin Marsh, co-poet is Kylie Supski. Work in progress, 1 yr project.


2019-2020 | VISUAL ARTIST, TRADITIONAL, DIGITAL & VR MEDIUMS | Circle Series |  ReVerse Butcher’s “Circle Series” is an ongoing series of traditional & multimedia visual works works that explore the complexities of the human form(s); cycles of life, information & nature; different ways of being suspended in space-time; and the idea(s) of evolution and fragmentation. Circle Series works & iterations are sometimes collaborative, sometimes solo, always credited. Started May 2019, is an ongoing project.


2020 | CO-PRODUCER & CO-HOST | Tilt Brush Paint Off | Livestreamed competitive art battle between 14 international VR artists, presented by the VR Art Live! Community & co-produced and co-hosted with Sabby Lighf, 22 Feb 2020.


2020 | CO-AUTHOR, ARTIST | interactive multimedia iBook "This is not a Violin, it is a Doorway" | co-written with Sarah Curro, published by MakeBooks, available exclusively on Apple Books. Book launched 16 Feb at Hares & Hyenas Bookstore, Melbourne.


2020 | GUEST EDITOR | Guest editor for the Jan 2020 edition of UK based online literary arts magazine Burning House Press on the theme of 'Vision'.


2019 | DIRECTOR, VISUAL PROJECTION SET, VR ARTIST | Incomplete Infinities | a 60 min spatial sound, poetry & VR art performance event at the Stephen McLaughlin Gallery, Melbourne on 6/7/8 Dec 2019.


2019 | VR ARTIST, CURATOR & SUPPORT STAFF WITH VR ART LIVE! Community | VR Burn & re-BURN | a music and art festival held entirely in VR (in The Wave XR), featuring 36 internationally based VR artists, presented by the VR Art Live! community. 5 creative works featured in the show. VR Burn 7 Dec 2019, repeat show by popular demand 14 Dec 2019. 


2019 | VISUAL PROJECTION SET | 5 min visual projection set: visual art interpretation of Jennifer Higdon's “Dash”, Women in Music Festival. 


2019 | SHORT POETRY FILM | “There Are Some Things Only the Moon Has Seen”, Director/Performer, Burning House Press (UK). Also featured as part of the QPF's 'Panacea Poets' series of videopoems in April 2020.  


2019 | SHORT POETRY FILM | “The 5th C”, Director/Performer, Burning House Press (UK) 


2018 | ARTIST'S BOOK | "On The Rod". Watch the video trailer.


2018 | ARTIST'S BOOK, GROUP EXHIBITION in A1 Darebin Art Salon | "Book(w)hole #1"


2018 | PHOTO ESSAY | “This is Not a Violin, it's a Doorway”, Burning House Press (UK) 


2017 | EXHIBITION/ARTIST'S BOOK Hidden Agenda, “Rockets & Guided Missiles” (WIP), Trocadero Art Space (Footscray, VIC)


2016 | COMMISSION | Customised Spur Violin


2016 | PERFORMANCE, WRITING | Featured Poet, Melbourne Spoken Word, White Night (Festival) (Melbourne).  


2015 | THEATRE, PERFORMANCE, WRITING “The 10cs” | Co-writer & performer for immersive multimedia experimental play for Metanoia Theatre.


2014 | PERFORMANCE | Featured poet, Melbourne Spoken Word at National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.


2014 | PERFORMANCE, WRITING | EnCoUNTers tour of Brisbane & Regional NSW, Feb 2014. Spoken word shows including music & projections in libraries, cafes, bars & rock shows + 2 live radio broadcasts (3+ hrs each).


2013 - 2015 | PERFORMANCE, EVENT MANAGEMENT | Producer, organiser, MC & performer and staff at Hares & Hyenas (Melbourne's LGBTIQA+ Bookstore & performance venue | co-production along with Crusader Hillis for the Midsumma Festival 'Word is Out' program 2014. Produced bi-monthly 'ContraVerse' spoken word events 2013-2015.


2009 | TOURING, PERFORMANCE, WRITING, POETRY, MUSIC | Toured UK/EU: solo spoken word & collaborative music shows. Also assistant to the Tour Manager/Merchandise Sales & Marketing on the 2009 Gong '2032' album tour of UK/EU. 


2008 | EDITOR, BOOK DESIGNER | “Gong Dreaming 2: The Histories and Mysteries of Gong 1969 - 1975”, by Daevid Allen.


2008 | TOURING, PERFORMANCE, WRITING, MUSIC, POETRY | Texas Poetry Massacre Tour | solo spoken word, and collaborative music shows. USA/UK March-June 2008. Featured poet at the Austin International Poetry Festival. 


2006 | PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL | ‘Conscience Strike’ 20 min experimental poetry-film screened | Also released as part of the 'Special Features' extras on the 'Gong at Monserrat' DVD by Voiceprint Records.


2003-2004 | COMMITTEE MEMBER | Queensland Poetry Festival


2001 | FOUNDING MEMBER, PERFORMANCE, WRITING | one of the eight founding members of Speedpoets (Brisbane, QLD), Brisbane's longest running poetry reading. It ran from 2001-2017, rVb was active from 2001-2005.