A plummeting backwards through celestial space. A chromatic star screaming the horror and the passion of embodiment into an inarticulate void. Last rites a chaotic nonsense blistered onto the body. Artwork made in Virtual Reality (VR) & presented in a 5.22min cinematic. 

Virtual Sculpture made natively in VR using Open Brush. Soundtrack made natively in VR using Virtuoso VR. Featuring hand-made textures constructed using pen, acrylic ink & vintage paper stock, & turned digital using the Adobe Substance Suite. Cinematic made using Unreal Engine 5 & Adobe Premiere Pro.
Virtual Sculpture/Art made in VR (Tilt Brush), 3D renders made with Adobe Stager.
Circle Series: Feminine with Comet | OSHI Gallery, Feb 2024 | "Burn City" Exhibition
Circle Series: Feminine with Comet | WIP Wireframes | Nomad sculpt for iPad
Circle Series: Feminine with Comet | WIP 3D Renders & Textures | Adobe Stager
ReVerse Butcher’s “Circle Series” is an ongoing series of multimedia works that explore the complexities of the human form(s); cycles of life, information & nature; different ways of being suspended in space-time; and the idea(s) of evolution and fragmentation. She often visits and re-visits this series of artworks in several different mediums (including but not limited to) traditional drawing, digital art, VR art (in Tilt Brush), film, projection art, photography, collage, poetry etc. because like the human form, ideas and artworks can never be wholly static and still, unless they’re dead (and even then, sometimes not, at least for a time). 
Using circles as a visual metaphor, all the human structures explored in the series regardless of media, are linked by the idea of interaction & permutation. Each repetition can never be identical, and it is the progression through anomaly, through de- or re-construction, through experimentation and through re-imagining where rVb believes that breakthroughs occur. Each time the pattern insists on another expression, it fragments a little, and the fragments are evidence of progressive magick. 
Circle Series works are occasionally collaborative, sometimes solo, always credited.

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