To celebrate the launch of her VISPO collection "Kaleidoscopic Erasures" (Steel Incisors), artist/poet ReVerse Butcher built an immersive art gallery in VRChat. Don't have VR? No problem! You can watch a guided tour of the VR gallery/book launch event that was hosted on the 19th of Feb 2022. It's an excellent way to get a feel for what is possible with immersive exhibitions, spatial poetry & VISPO, & the magic of social VR. (30 mins duration)
The Kaleidoscopic Erasures VR Art Gallery Guided Video Tour was also screened as a
Finalist | Short Film Category, QLD XR Festival 2022 | Brisbane | April 2022
Official Selection | 10th International Video Poetry Festival | Athens | Oct-Nov 2022
VR Book Launch & VR Gallery Video Trailer (2.25 mins)

The Kaleidoscopic Erasures VR Art Gallery
(VRChat World)
"Experimental Literature & International Collaboration using XR & Digital Medias"
a talk between ReVerse Butcher, James Knight, Grrlrighter, & Chris Wenn remotely delivered at the QLD XR Festival 2022.
60 mins duration. 

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