“…we are the continuous present, but what if, we are not the only one?” The serpentine cycle of arrival and exodus. The flow of time fracturing into deltas of individual experience. Our division of cells, division of labors, divisions of selves, in constant, exhausting connection. 
“Ouroboros” is a poem co-written by Kylie Supski & Reverse Butcher; & a Virtual Sculpture & Soundtrack by ReVerse Butcher, presented as a 9.45min videopoem cinematic.
The Virtual Sculpture & Original Soundtrack were made natively in Virtual Reality (VR) using Open Brush, an HP Reverb G2, & a Meta Quest 2. Featuring hand-made textures constructed using pen, acrylic ink & vintage paper stock, then digitised & further remixed using the Adobe Substance Suite. Video Cinematic made using Unreal Engine 5.1 & Adobe Premiere Pro. 
Still Cinematic/Videopoem Frames
Virtual Sculpture/Art made in VR (Tilt Brush), 3D renders made with Adobe Stager.
Ouroboros | WIP 3D Renders & Textures | Adobe Stager
Ouroboros | WIP Wireframes | Nomad Sculpt for iPad
VISPO Texture/Material hand-made with vintage paper stock & acrylic inks, & then turned digital using Adobe Sampler. Textures used in "Ouroboros".

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