"8", is a new music and multimedia show by composer & Master Drummer David Jones, featuring violinist Sarah Curro, and Virtual Reality artist ReVerse Butcher. This show can be delivered flexibly across live stages with live musicians, as an immersive event in the metaverse or mixed realityspaces, and as projection or filmic installations. It can be played in parts, or as a whole, and in any order. "8" features 8 new original musical compositions by David Jones, each paired with an original artwork made natively in Virtual Reality by ReVerse Butcher. Each artwork brings the audience on a journey through time & space, with Australian violinist Sarah Curro's gorgeous tones being the common thread in the audio-visual tapestry. Designed to create a constantly shifting perspective, these 8 collaborations make the most of David Jones' extensive musical ability and experience across genres, with his jazz, rock, & orchestral, styles all combining into a healing meditation on the body passing through multidimensional space. Each visual peice presented in "8" is an early experimental work from ReVerse Butcher's highly awarded "Circle Series". Each one of the 8 are lifted to new hieghts by the exquisite sounds of Sarah Curro, played on her unique Spur semi-acoustic violin. "8" is more than a number, it's more than just counting, or music, each one of the 8 is an experience fuelled by the passion, the dedication, and the experimentation of three accomplished artists.

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