ReVerse Butcher was commissioned by Sarah Curro to customise a one-of-a-kind semi-acoustic Spur Violin for her Volume series of concerts. rVb responded to Curro's favourite classical peice of music in a unique way, creating 9 graphic scores, hand-painting & collaging them on the body of the violin. Because of the Spur semi-acoustic's patented design, altering the body of the violin does not alter the sound quality of the instrument -- providing the opportunity to customise semi-acoustic violins into vibrant & playable artworks that sound like a dream & define a striking stage presence. 
Take a look at rVb's finely-detailed designs in this photo gallery, & hear Sarah Curro play it live on video below. For more information, check out the livestreamed Q&A with Sarah Curro & ReVerse Butcher celebrating the launch of their interactive eBook on Apple Books: "This is not a Violin, it is a Doorway" 

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